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+Scale Mesh Curtain

Scale Mesh Curtain

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Product Description

Architectural metallic fabric, also named metallic fabric, metal fabric cloth, beaded curtain or architectural spider mesh. Similar to architectural ring mesh and architectural chain link, architectural metallic fabric is a new type of decorative mesh. The architectural metallic fabric is composed of many flakes or beads. Each single flake or bead is enclosed by four flakes or beads. Compared with architectural conveyor belt and architectural cable mesh, its lustrous patter of texture enhances the brightness of the room. Thus it is widely used in interior decoration like room dividers, ceiling and window screen.

Golden surface scale mesh curtain

Golden surface scale mesh curtain

Black surface scale mesh curtain

Black surface scale mesh curtain

Produce process:

lPrepare the aluminum material.

lPut the aluminum on the machine and form the spider shape.

lJoin the spider flakes into panel mesh.

lSurface treatment.


Scale mesh curtain color catalog

Scale mesh curtain color catalog


lMaterial: aluminum or aluminum alloy.

lSurface treatment: heat tinting, spray painted, galvanized, dull polished.

lColor: golden, purple, red, blue, green, silver, brown, black, natural color or more.

lSequin size: 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm.

lWeight: 0.86 kg/m2 - 1.81 kg/m2.

lShape: octagon, square, quincunx and more.

lLength & Width: customized at your requests.

Note: Special sizes and colors can be customized according your requests.

Scale mesh curtain shape catalog

 Scale mesh curtain shape catalog


lLight weight and stable structure.

lLight diffusion and good ventilation.

lBeautiful appearance and various color.

lVersatility and decorative effects.

lAesthetic appeal and functionality.

lGorgeous and high-end.

lDurability and flexibility.

lCustomized sizes by requirements.

lEasy to install and maintenance.

Scale mesh curtain shape catalog

Scale mesh curtain style catalog


Architectural metallic fabric is made of the flexible sparking flakes or beads in various colors, and it can be easily installed or fixed into different shapes. With aesthetic appeal, it is widely used in interior decoration.

lFunction: room dividers, ceiling decoration, wall decoration, door curtain, window screen, shower curtain, fireplace screen, light partitioning, balustrades, shop exhibition stands, building facade, column cladding, craft projects, etc.

lApplication place: loft, living room, balcony, corridor, elevator, hotel, restaurant, office, grand ballroom, museum, concert halls, dining hall, exhibition halls, shopping mall, theater, etc.

Golden scale mesh curtain act as room divider

Scale mesh act as window curtain

About the packaging of scale mesh curtain, we will package it with plastic foam or waterproof paper inside and carton boxes, wooden cases or pallets outside at your requests.

Metal cloth curtain packed by cartoon boxes

Metal cloth curtain packed by cartoon boxes

Metal cloth curtain packed by cartoon boxes

Metal cloth curtain packed by cartoon boxes

Three different installations of scale mesh curtain: track installation, stainless steel rod installation with bead ring, stainless steel rod installation without bead ring.

Three types of installation of scale mesh.

Three types of installation of scale mesh.

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