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The right way to open the rope mesh green wall

Date : 2021-03-31 Hot : 56

The right way to open the rope mesh green wall.

Rope mesh green wall, beautiful design, rich color, improve the ability of color discrimination, with rich, let children love, parent-child good project.

According to the different area and space characteristics of the applicable site, the combination of construction forms a rich comprehensive amusement project, which is more attractive.

Rope mesh green wall, exercise children's climbing ability, improve children's concentration. There are many ways to play rope mesh green wall, which make children's childhood colorful. In the various ways to play, we can improve the concentration and exercise the brain development.

Rope mesh green wall is safe and comfortable. It is made of high-strength polyester fiber, which is soft and resistant to tension, and has water resistance, wear resistance and high safety coefficient.

Rope mesh green wall, a project to enjoy the excitement and challenge of walking in the cloud. Walking on it, there are many interesting challenges ahead, waiting to stand on high to see the scenery.


Experience the unknown far away, there is enough space to try to challenge, and play with partners is endless.

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