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The production process of scale mesh curtain is as follows

Date : 2021-03-13 Hot : 140

Scale mesh curtain is used in pre-treatment and finish machining of metal parts before plating, and it can also be used in metal surface machining alone. Under certain conditions, electropolishing can also be used to replace heavy mechanical polishing. Electropolishing has the advantages of high production efficiency and convenient operation. The disadvantages are high cost, short service life and difficult regeneration. The mechanism of electropolishing is complex. According to the mucosal theory, a kind of adhesive film with high resistivity is formed on the anode surface during electropolishing. The thickness of this kind of mucosa in the micro bulge is smaller than that in the depression, the current density is higher, and the dissolution is faster. However, the current density in the depression is low, and the dissolution speed is slow. After a period of time, the convex concave position changes continuously, and the purpose of leveling and brightness is gradually achieved.

The production process of scale mesh curtain is as follows:

1. Put the original data (metal plate: low carbon steel cold rolled plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, copper plate) on the drawing machine operation board, and adjust the hole type (including diamond hole, fish scale hole, round hole, rectangular hole, square hole, triangular hole, pentagonal star, heart-shaped hole, plum shaped hole) according to the designed production drawing, and wait for the preparation process to be completed After that, it can be mass produced.

2. The formed plate mesh (semi-finished metal mesh curtain) is inlaid with the outer frame for oil removal.


3. Surface spraying, including spray painting, baking paint, plastic spraying, zinc plating, gold plating, titanium plating and so on. After the appearance is sprayed, the intact metal mesh curtain is made successfully.

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