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The invention and application of rope mesh green wall

Date : 2021-04-29 Hot : 20

The visual penetration of rope mesh green wall is also very good, which can let security personnel clearly understand the operation of mechanical equipment. At the same time, tourists will not be blocked by the sight when they play, and they will really enjoy the stimulation and pleasure. The rope mesh green wall produced by our factory is a rhombic net woven with high quality low carbon steel wire rope, which has good flexibility and high strength. The rope mesh green wall is closely related to our life and can protect our life and property at a certain time. The rope mesh green wall is generally used in protection engineering, such as the protection engineering of the slope protection net, the protection articles on the bridge, and the animal cage in the zoo. As the protection net, it also plays an aesthetic role to a certain extent. Another use of stainless steel rope net is to be used as decorative net. With the continuous pursuit of people's quality of life, some hotels, hotels and large public places, in order to highlight their luxury and give people a sense of beauty, use rope mesh green wall as decoration supplies, which can give people a sense of grandeur in some public places.



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