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The general situation of wire mesh laminated glass

Date : 2021-04-08 Hot : 47

The general situation of wire mesh laminated glass.

Laminated glass mainly refers to the composite glass formed by two or more pieces of glass after special processing. There is one or more layers of organic polymer intermediate film between the glass and the glass. There are some special laminated glass, the middle clip is the color film, such laminated glass has a good decorative effect. Some laminated glass will be embedded in the middle of decorative objects, such as metal mesh or metal plate.

Wire mesh laminated glass is also known as shatterproof glass. This is because a layer of steel wire mesh is added into the glass during the glass production process. It is a special kind of glass formed by special processing. When it is impacted by the outside world, the glass will break, but it will not scatter, and the glass fragments will not splash, so it will not cause harm to human body.



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