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Selection of metal coil curtain fabric

Date : 2021-04-06 Hot : 52

Metal coil curtain is a kind of window decoration products, which is widely used in office buildings, office buildings, school classrooms, hospitals, hotels, family study, balcony and other places. Its main function is to block sunlight radiation, block heat, adjust indoor light, wind or sound insulation and other basic functions. In actual use, different metal coil curtain fabrics can be selected according to specific needs. Metal coil curtain fabrics are generally divided into sunshine fabric and shading fabric.

Selection of metal coil curtain fabric:

1. Sunshine fabric

Ingredients: Sunshine fabric is woven by polyester fiber or glass fiber coated with PVC coating, with microporous structure, glass fiber is more stable, and the production process is more complex.

Dimensional stability: the stability of the fabric is very good, can be used for a long time, the size is not easy to be stretched.

Color fastness: fabric color fastness is also better, after years of sun time is not easy to change color. Color: the sunshine fabrics are white, off white, off yellow, gray, black, brown and so on.

Opening rate: half of the opening rate is 1% - 10%, the opening is uniform, which can provide different opening rates to meet different shading requirements.

Pattern: various weaving methods, providing plain, twill, irregular and other different texture effects, twill can provide different color effects on both sides. Flame retardant: the flame retardant grade of sunshine fabric is high, which can meet the higher fire safety standards of high buildings and public buildings.

It is suitable for general public places and can be naturally integrated with the surrounding good environment.

2. Shading fabric


It can be divided into white shading, silver shading and uncoated shading. This kind of fabric can completely block the light, and is often used as partition or background wall. It is often combined with the use of shading slot. It is suitable for darkroom, bedroom or meeting room.

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