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Installation sequence of metal coil Draper

Date : 2021-04-21 Hot : 20

Installation sequence of metal coil Draper:

1. Positioning and marking: when installing metal coil Draper box and metal coil Draper rod, center positioning shall be carried out according to the requirements of design drawing, leveling line shall be snapped and structural relationship shall be found.

2. Inspection and treatment of embedded parts: after alignment, check whether the position, specification and embedded method of the embedded parts fixing the metal coil Draper box can meet the requirements of installation and fixation, and take measures to deal with the errors in elevation, flatness, central position and distance out of the wall.

3. Check the processed products: check the processed products that have entered the site, and check whether the varieties, specifications and assembly structure meet the requirements of metal coil Draper installation before installation

4. They are not responsible for the installation of other parts, mainly for the installation of metal coil drawer box, metal coil drawer rail and metal coil drawer rod.



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