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  • Weaving requirements of stainless steel rope mesh green wall
    The weaving of stainless steel rope mesh green wall shall meet the following requirements: 1. Staggered up and down. 2. Stainless steel wire rope woven into net shall not be broken or scattered. 3. The cross joint shall be fixed with crimping parts, and the joint shall be crimped with lap joint. This step shall not be omitted. The length ... 2021-06-01
  • What are the common types of decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding?
    Typical patterns of decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding include Crochet net, ring net belt, foot net, knurled net and sewing net. The decorative mesh for external wall cladding is made of metal rod or metal cable. According to the weaving method of the fabric, it is composed of horizontal metal rods of various shapes passing throug... 2021-05-31
  • Appearance requirements of rope mesh green wall
    The rope mesh green wall is an essential protective equipment for high-altitude operation. Due to different construction project purposes, different safety requirements, different specifications, and different erection methods. The safety net of construction site is mostly made of nylon rope (or polyester rope) with diameter of 9mm. The m... 2021-05-30
  • Expanded metal machine guarding features
    The application of expanded metal machine guarding in machinery industry is generally divided into five layers, including protection layer, filter layer, separation layer and support layer. This kind of filter material not only has uniform and stable filtration precision, but also has high strength and stiffness. It is an ideal filter mat... 2021-05-29
  • Installation considerations of scale mesh curtain
    Scale mesh curtain is usually used for interior partition and ceiling, as well as wall decoration, screen and window decoration. They can be widely used in airport, station, hotel, museum, decorative concert hall, office building, exhibition hall, shopping center and other places. But the metal mesh curtain is still the most widely used i... 2021-05-28
  • Advantages of metal cloth curtain
    In the soft decoration of space, metal cloth curtain is like a large blank canvas, which provides designers with free swing creative space. Its position in interior decoration can not be underestimated. Its color and material deeply affect the indoor atmosphere, and sometimes can even establish the space style. The metal cloth curtain is ... 2021-05-27
  • Brief introduction of architectural ring mesh
    Brief introduction of architectural ring mesh: 1、Time: the network can automatically recover the service from the failure in a very short time (50ms), so that users can hardly feel the existence of the failure. 2、 Basic principle: the network should have the ability to discover, replace transmission routes and reestablish communication. 3... 2021-05-26
  • Features of ring mesh curtain
    Ring mesh curtain has good drapability and can be folded and pleated like ring mesh curtain. Ring mesh curtain not only has the unique luster and texture of ring silk, but also has the flexibility of fabric ring mesh curtain. Let's learn about the characteristics of ring mesh curtain! Features of ring mesh curtain: (1) Ring mesh curtain h... 2021-05-25
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