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decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding material usage

Date : 2021-04-01 Hot : 58

Decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding generally has many beautiful patterns or patterns, unique decorative performance and good air permeability. It can be said that it is powerful, beautiful and generous, decorative punching net will be used in the decoration process. Some decoration looks atmospheric and high-grade, which is mainly because the exterior wall decoration uses decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding, which makes the appearance of the building very fashionable, attractive and more professional visual experience.

There are two kinds of decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding materials: galvanized sheet and aluminum sheet. These materials have good wear resistance, durability and good performance. And the plasticity of the material is strong, through the production of a variety of processes, making these exterior wall decoration transparent, very beautiful. The outer wall decoration net has good anti-static and fireproof effect, which is light, easy to shape, easy to repair and easy to install. As a curtain wall decoration effect is very obvious, is a more sensible choice.

Decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding can be used indoors, for example, to make the ceiling, which can achieve good sound absorption effect. In the balcony of the building, stair wait for a place, also use exterior wall adornment net more. Some shopping malls display cabinets, shelves, doors and windows decoration, will also apply the external wall decoration net, the use of external wall decoration net has been everywhere, deep into all aspects of life.


Sometimes, in order to ensure the construction quality of the external wall and improve the durability of the external wall, the external wall is installed with decorative mesh for external wall cladding, so as to improve the crack resistance of concrete. The installation of external wall net has the advantages of simple operation, good crack resistance and convenient construction, which can achieve the expected effect. Easy to solve a lot of problems, improve the external wall reinforcement, is a method worthy of wide application.

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