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Application of wire mesh laminated glass in home decoration

Date : 2021-04-22 Hot : 25

Application of wire mesh laminated glass in home decoration.

Wire mesh laminated glass is a kind of relatively transparent silicate non-metallic material, mainly composed of silica. Wire mesh laminated glass generally has the characteristics of reflecting, absorbing and transmitting light, but also has relatively high chemical stability, acid resistance and corrosion resistance. With the coming of summer, wire mesh laminated glass is becoming more and more popular in the building materials market.

Adjust daylighting: in the case of insufficient light in the space, the use of wire mesh laminated glass as local wall or top material can effectively improve the brightness of the space and make the space more transparent and bright.

Partition space: in home, wire mesh laminated glass is often used as partition. Wire mesh laminated glass as a partition, although the cost is high, but bright and artistic, can reduce the sense of isolation between the two spaces, and visually expand the space area.

Art decoration: the diversity of colors and patterns of wire mesh painted glass, the unique three-dimensional sense of carving wire mesh painted glass, under the sunlight or light, can set off a unique artistic atmosphere for the interior and enhance the taste of the home.



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