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Advantages of metal cloth curtain

Date : 2021-05-27 Hot : 589

In the soft decoration of space, metal cloth curtain is like a large blank canvas, which provides designers with free swing creative space. Its position in interior decoration can not be underestimated. Its color and material deeply affect the indoor atmosphere, and sometimes can even establish the space style. The metal cloth curtain is harmonious and orderly through the geometric patterns of curves and lines, which makes the visual effect pleasant. The unique geometric aesthetic tension breaks the traditional metal cloth curtain shape, provides regular and angular visual effect for the space, and forms a sense of contradiction with other soft materials, so the style is very avant-garde.

Advantages of metal cloth curtain:

1. Metal cloth curtain has good sagging, can be pleated, and can move freely like a curtain. Metal wire has unique flexibility and glossiness, color is variable, and in the light refraction, color is color, and artistic sense is very strong, can significantly improve the quality of space.

2. Compared with curtain, metal cloth curtain can let light and air into the room, which has better visual experience and comfort. The metal mesh curtain is not flammable, which means it has a high ignition point and will not cause a fire.

3. Excellent durability and recyclability. Use time is longer than other products, not easy to damage. And the installation speed is particularly fast, without too much cumbersome procedures, thus saving time and energy.



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