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Advantages of architectural ring mesh

Date : 2021-04-24 Hot : 22

In the market, the commonly used tensile ceiling architectural ring mesh material alloy state is 3003 / H24, the thickness is basically between 0.03-0.06mm, the tensile strength is required to be more than 280mpa, and the elongation is about 3%. The main advantages of its architectural ring mesh are as follows:

1. It is made of metal, with good effect of flame retardant, heat insulation, sound insulation and shock resistance.

2. The surface is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon, which has strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, no cracking and no foaming.

3. Composite structure and function, strong rigidity and tear resistance, stable performance.

4. The functional materials are intelligent, light in texture, convenient in transportation, reusable, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

5. Strong decoration, easy processing, easy installation and disassembly.

Architectural ring mesh composite has the above advantages, and its market demand is expanding and diversifying. It is widely used in building decoration curtain wall, furniture, automobile, high-speed rail, ship, aviation, energy and other fields, and the market demand is gradually increasing in the future. With the rapid development of transportation and construction industry in the future, the future application prospect of ceiling architectural ring mesh composite plate is very promising.




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