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Difference between Wire Mesh Laminated Glass and wire mesh sandwich glass

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 282

The Wire Mesh Laminated Glass mainly refers to the composite glass which is composed of two or many pieces of glass after special processing. Between the glass and the glass, there is a layer of perhaps multilayer organic polymer central film. There are some special laminated glass center clip is colorful film, such laminated glass has a good decoration effect. Some laminated glass will be embedded in the center of decoration items, such as metal mesh or metal plate.

Wire mesh glass is also called shatter proof glass. This is because a layer of wire mesh is added inside the glass during the production of glass. After special processing, it is a special glass. When it is impacted by the outside, the glass will crack but will not scatter, and the glass fragments will not splash, so it will not cause damage to human body.

In addition, it also has a single called fire-proof glass, which is because it can still maintain a fixed state during thermal explosion, can isolate the fire, and has the effect of fire prevention, so it is named fire-proof glass. However, due to the simple oxidation of the screen inside the glass, and then there are rust spots, the latter is bubble, affecting the beauty.

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