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Safety features of Wired glass

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 308

Wired glass is also called shatter proof glass and steel Wired glass. In the process of calendering, it is a kind of special glass formed by pressing the Wired mesh into the semi liquid glass belt. The benefit is that the glass has higher strength than ordinary glass. When the glass is impacted or the temperature changes sharply, the glass will not be broken but not broken, so as to prevent the small pieces of corner from flying out to hurt people. For example, when the fire extends, when the Wired glass is heated and cracked, it can still adhere to the fixed state and play the role of isolating the fire. Therefore, it is also called fireproof glass. The defect is that in the production process, the Wired mesh is simply oxidized by high temperature radiation, and the glass surface may present "rust spots" of yellow and bubbles. Wired glass is commonly used in skylights, ceiling covers, and doors and windows susceptible to sensationalism.

Safety features of Wired glass:

Wired glass prevents debris from flying away. Even when the glass is broken by external pressure such as earthquake, storm and impact, the fragments are difficult to fly away. Therefore, compared with ordinary glass, it is not easy to form fragments and hurt people.

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