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Aluminum Expanded Mesh is a key material for building and architecture engineering. It is used for ventilating, security and decorations, since its openings allow the passages of air, light, heat and sound, and its material is lightweight. In addition, formed with decorative diamond pattern, expanded mesh can be used aesthetically, and may be found in applications like grating, shelving, partitions, ceiling tiles, archtectural cladding and more. It is also widely applied in filtration, laths, screen, fences, breeding, battery or other industries.

Below you can have a look of expanded sheet in real cases of application, and formed in different colors, sizes and openings.

Black Powder Coated Flattened Expanded Metal Sheets,  Diamond Hole, 27.5MM X 50.8MM X 19MM X 41MM X 3.0MM X 4.0MM X 1.25M X 2.5M


Expanded Metal Lath Cladding

Anodized Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh

Requirements Applied for this special Expanded Metal Cladding Panel.
3 mm natural anodized Aluminum expanded metal mesh
Aluminum alloy standard material is 1050.

Physical test for roof panels of size 1250X1500mm is required to check the performance loading.

Standard expanded mesh sheet of sheets sizes available.

ANODISING of Expanded Alu Sheet:
Aluminum anodizing shall comply with BS 3987, unless specified otherwise.

600 SW x1500 LW Projected Dimension, Stretched Rhombus Mesh Type Ceiling Panels 
25.3% Open Area;
For ceiling mesh panels

Typical Mesh Wall Panels

1200mm SW x 3000 LW Projected Dimension, Mesh pattern For Wall Mesh Panels: LWD= 60 mm, Strand Width= 5 mm, Inclination degree= 67°

Drawing Reference:

Typical Roof Mesh Panels

The average panel dimension is length:1.2m * width 3.20 m and less

The Alum. Alloy will be used in this project:1050, 5005 or 5052, for thickness 3 to 5mm. Mesh pattern design for Roof Mesh Panels:
LWD= 120 mm, Strand Width= 15 mm, Inclination degree= 67

Cladding Expanded Alumium Sheet Optional Specifications:

Type A: LWD: 120mm, SWD: 37mm, Strand width: 16mm, Anticipation angel: 67degree

Type B: LWD: 60mm, SWD: 23mm, Strand width: 9mm, Anticipation angel: 67degree

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