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GWS Engineers & Fabricators-Perforated Metal Cladding

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Perforated Metal Cladding

Today, perforated metal panels are used by architects for a wide variety of applications, such as decorative lighting fixtures, signs to industrial filtration screens and acoustical panels. As the use for perforated metals have evolved, so has the perforating process itself. We utilize specialized techniques to achieve the intended perforation patterns and sizes according to the material, width of the panel, and customer specifications.

In addition to offering products of various materials, Industry standards for perforated metal patterns. The ideal pattern would depend on the intended application and requirements of a project, as well as on factors such as strength, distribution of holes, bars, and more.

Perforated Metal Products


Perforated Plates


Modern architecture leverages a broad range of building materials to improve both functionality and appearance. We have the skills, expertise and resources to help you get the most out of your design..


Perforated Steel


Perforated steel is an incredibly versatile material with properties ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Steel perforated sheet metal is very common in architecture, as it is preferred for its strength. In fact, in terms of perforated materials, steel is the most common. We perforate steel for nearly every market we serve.


Perforated Copper


Perforated copper sheet metal is visually stunning and has countless practical uses in structures, furnishings and more. Common uses for perforated copper include building façades, where the look of copper that will patina over time is desired. It can also be used in a variety of decorative interior applications.


Perforated Stainless Steel


Quality perforated stainless steel can be used in several applications, as it is strong, resistant to corrosion, and visually attractive. At GWS Perforating we make it our mission to adhere to the highest standards of perforated metal of all kinds..


Perforated Metal Mesh


Perforated metal mesh panels, also known as perforated metal panels, are used in countless industrial and architectural applications. With options in shape, size and material, perforated mesh panels can be crafted for virtually any purpose.


Perforated Aluminum


Perforated aluminum sheet metal is a popular option, both for functional and aesthetic reasons. Aluminum is very versatile. Compared with many other metals, it is naturally lightweight and easy to work with. It is highly resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.


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