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What is the building facade?

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 370

What is the building facade?

The building facade refers to the interface between the building and the external space of the building, as well as its image and composition, or the components and their combination at the interface of the internal and external space of the building.




The main facade of a building refers to the facade visible from the main viewing angle. The main wall of point type building is the main facade, and the building facade is divided into building exterior facade and building interior facade. The interior facade of a building is the general name of all the building entities that contact with the external space except the building facade.




Generally speaking, the building facade refers to all the exterior enclosure parts of the building except the roof. In some specific cases, for example, the roof and the wall of the building with specific geometric shape show strong continuity and are difficult to distinguish, or when the roof is treated as the "fifth elevation" of the building for the need of specific architectural observation angle, the roof can also be used as a part of the building facade.

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