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Effect of mesh cladding additive on crack control

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 790

Effect of mesh cladding additive on crack control:

Mesh cladding is a new type of surface strengthening technology, but mesh cladding crack is the main problem limiting its application. The participation of stainless steel mesh in mesh cladding can reduce the stress value in mesh cladding and control the crack in mesh cladding. Experiments on three kinds of mesh cladding materials show that mesh wire can effectively reduce the crack rate of mesh cladding, With the increase of wire diameter, the wire in mesh cladding does not melt perfectly. It is metallurgical separated from mesh cladding material and matrix, which ensures the integrity of mesh cladding and effectively controls the cracks of mesh cladding. The experimental process shows that for Ni45 and co02 powders, large area mesh cladding without cracks can be obtained without preheating the matrix.

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