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What are the advantages of rope mesh?

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 161

What are the advantages of rope mesh?

1. The use of welded mesh in reinforcement construction is the trend of international reinforcement industry.

2. The new reinforcement method of welding rope mesh is especially suitable for large area concrete engineering.

3. The popularization and application of cold drawn ribbed steel bar and hot rolled grade III steel bar in China provide an important material basis for the development of welded wire mesh. The formal implementation of welded wire mesh product standards and operating procedures has played a positive role in improving consumption quality and promoting the promotion and application.

4. There is a huge demand potential for welding rope mesh in Chinese market.

5. The welded rope mesh is aesthetically pleasing.

6. China is a major steel country in the world.

7. The development of Chinese welding rope mesh has soft and hard conditions.

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