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Steps for using stainless steel knotted rope mesh

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 149

Steps for using stainless steel knotted rope mesh:

1. Selection of sling standards and types when selecting sling standards, the scale, weight and shape of the load to be lifted, as well as the hoisting method to be selected, shall be taken into account. The requirements of the ultimate working force given shall be taken into account together with the working environment and the type of load. It is necessary to select the appropriate length of sling with satisfactory ability and satisfactory application method. Assuming that multiple sling are used together for lifting load, the same type of sling shall be selected; the material of flat sling shall not be affected by environment or load.

2. When using the flat sling with soft lifting lug, the minimum length of lifting lug shall not be less than 3.5 times of the thickness of the hook in contact with the lifting lug, and the included angle of lifting lug movement shall not exceed 20 degrees. When connecting the sling with soft lifting lug and the lifting appliance, the contact part between the sling and the lifting appliance should be consistent, unless the axial width of the sling does not exceed 75mm, and the bending radius of the lifting accessory should be at least 0.75 times of the axial width of the sling.

3. Follow good lifting experience and plan lifting and simple operation plan before starting lifting. Whether accessories or soft lifting lug are needed or not, carefully consider the matching of the end of the sling with auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment. For example: the radius of the sling on the cargo hook is at least 0.75 times of the axial width of the sling. The width of the fabric may be affected by the radius of the inner part of the cargo hook, and the curvature of the cargo hook will prevent the balance of the strength in the width of the fabric. It is strictly forbidden to overload the sling. The correct method coefficient should be used. A part of the method for limiting the working force may have been given on the label. The angle of the multiple combined sling should not exceed the straight direction.

4. When lifting, the correct use of sling connection method, sling in the safe way, the correct arrangement, connection load, to place the sling on the load, so that the load can balance the effect of the width of the sling; always can't knot or distort the sling, suture parts can't be placed on the hook or lifting equipment, and always placed on the vertical part of the sling, away from the load, hook And locking angle to avoid label damage.

5. The evaluation of the ultimate working force of the multiple combined sling depends on the symmetry of the load on the combined sling, that is, when lifting, the branches of the sling are distributed symmetrically and evenly according to the plan, with the same straight angle. 3 combined sling, assuming that the branch can not bear the force uniformly according to the planning, and the strength of the branch is on one branch, it will be the sum of the bearing force of the branch from the planning angle, and the same result in 4 combined sling, assuming that it is not a rigid load, the same result will be included. White: as for the rigid load, most of the gravity may be supported by three or even two of them, while the remaining one only protects the load balance.

6. When lifting, the protection of the sling should be far away from the sharp edge, conflict and wear. Whether it is far away from the load or lifting appliances, the appropriate part of the sling should be strengthened and protected from the damage of the sharp edge and wear. It is necessary to strengthen the protection of the necessary supplement.

7. To ensure the load balance, in the process of lifting, it is necessary to choose a safe way to use the sling, so that the load can not tilt or slide from the sling; it is necessary to organize the sling to be directly above the center of gravity of the load and the lifting point, so that the load can be balanced and stable. Assuming that the center of gravity of the load is not below the lifting point, the moving sling may skip the lifting point. It leads to risk.

8. The hoisting method of sling selection assumes that the basket crane can ensure the safety of the load. Because there is no locking behavior like lock crane, and the sling can turn over and pass through the lifting point, two slings are recommended to be used together. The limb suspension of the sling is as straight as possible, which is conducive to ensuring the equal sharing of the load among the branches. When the flat sling is locked, it should be allowed to be placed at a natural angle (120 °), and then avoid heat due to conflict. The sling is not forced to be in a strong position, nor does it attempt to make a tight clamp. The correct safe way is to choose a double lock of a sling. Double lock hoisting ensures safety and prevents the load from slipping from the sling.

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