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According to insulating materials, Ferrule type cable mesh is divided into?

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 460

According to insulating materials, Ferrule type cable mesh is divided into:

1. Oil impregnated paper insulated power ferrale type cable mesh. It has the longest history of application. It is safe and reliable, long service life and low price. The main defect is that the laying is constrained by the drop. Since the announcement of no drop flow impregnated paper insulation, the problem of drop constraint has been solved, and the Ferrule type cable mesh of oil impregnated paper insulation has been widely used.

2. Ferrule type cable mesh. The insulating layer is electric ferrale type cable mesh. Commonly used plastics are PVC, PE and XLPE. The structure of plastic Ferrule type cable mesh is simple, easy to manufacture and process, light in weight, easy to lay equipment, and not constrained by laying drop. Therefore, it is widely used as medium and low pressure ferreule type cable mesh, and has a tendency to replace viscous impregnated oil paper ferreule type cable mesh. Its biggest defect is the existence of dendritic breakdown phenomenon, which restricts its application in higher voltage.

3. The rubber type cable mesh insulation layer is made of rubber and various compounding agents, which is extruded on the conductive core after full mixing, and then heated and vulcanized. It is soft and elastic, suitable for the occasions with frequent movement and small bending radius.

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