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Fundamental structure of Ferrule type cable mesh

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 370

The fundamental structure of Ferrule type cable mesh consists of four parts: wire core (conductor), insulating layer, shielding layer and protective layer.

Wire core

The wire core is the conductive part of ferreule type cable mesh, which is used to transport electric energy and is the primary part of Ferrule type cable mesh.

Insulation layer

The insulation layer is an indispensable part of the ferrile type cable mesh structure, which insulates the wire core from the earth and the wire cores of different phases to ensure the delivery of electric energy.

Shielding layer

Generally, the shielding layer of 15kV and above conductor is ferromesh.

Protective layer

The function of the protective layer is to protect the ferreule type cable mesh from the invasion of external impurities and moisture, and to prevent the direct damage of ferreule type cable mesh by external force.

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