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Pay attention to purchasing Ferrule type cable mesh

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 650

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing Ferrule type cable mesh:

1、 Product identification. When purchasing Ferrule type cable mesh products, it is necessary to investigate whether the relevant information such as product model, specification, extra voltage, number of cores, production date, performance specification, license number and so on are completely marked on the product certificate, and whether the continuity marks of factory name, product model and extra voltage are printed on the surface of the products, so as to verify whether the relevant information of the two is common.

2、 Appearance and raw materials. The outer layer of Ferrule type cable mesh is bright in color and fine in texture, whether there are burrs or protrusions on the surface, whether the appearance is smooth, round and uniform in color. The conductor is electrolytic copper, and the outer layer is bright and slightly soft. Take another look at the cross section of Ferrule type cable mesh. The copper (aluminum) core should be in the middle, and the thickness of the plastic layer should be uniform.


3、 Length and section. There are length marks on the certificate. You can first estimate the length of a circle of the product packaging, and then count the number of circles of the coil to estimate the approximate length of the whole coil. In addition, you should pay attention to the diameter of the conductor and see the length and section of the ferrule type cable mesh.

4、 When choosing Ferrule type cable mesh products, it is best to consult experienced professional electricians to select Ferrule type cable mesh with appropriate section size and voltage level according to their own electrical load.

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