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Ferrule type cable mesh for proper storage and delivery

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 450

Ferrule type cable mesh for proper storage and delivery:

1、 It is strictly forbidden to contact with acid, alkali and mineral oil when storing ferrile type cable mesh, and it should be isolated from these corrosive substances;

2、 There shall be no harmful gas damaging insulation and corroding metal in the warehouse where ferrile type cable mesh is stored;

3、 It is not allowed to store in the open air;

4、 Ferrule type cable mesh should roll regularly during storage (once every three months in summer, and can be postponed in other seasons as appropriate). When rolling, the side of the disk will be rolled up to prevent the bottom from being damp and rotting. Pay attention to whether the ferrule type cable mesh head is intact when registering;

5、 The storage life of ferrile type cable mesh is limited to the ex factory period, generally not more than one and a half years, and the longest is not more than two years;

6、 During transportation, it is strictly forbidden to drop ferrile type cable mesh or ferrile type cable mesh disc with ferrile type cable mesh from high place, especially at low temperature (generally about 5 ℃ or below), throwing or dropping ferrile type cable mesh may lead to cracking of insulation and sheath;

7、 When lifting packages, it is strictly forbidden to lift several plates at the same time. On vehicles, ships and other means of transport, the ferrile type cable mesh disc should be fixed with appropriate methods to avoid bumping or overturning, so as to avoid mechanical damage to ferrile type cable mesh.

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