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How to repair the damaged stainless steel ferrule rope mesh?

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 340

It can be repaired intermittently with the same type of wire rope. If the damage level of slope protection net exceeds the above situation, it is necessary to lay a new steel wire rope net from the beginning and replace the old one. If the steel wire rope net is damaged, it is assumed that there is a small rockfall in the protection area of the system, and the damaged area should be corrected in time.

Assuming that the inner slope protection net is damaged and cannot be corrected, a new stainless steel ferrule rope mesh shall be laid from the beginning immediately. If the steel wire of the inner slope protection net has cracks or severe twists and turns, and the protection is affected, it can be considered to coil the same steel wire intermittently to make a ring intermittent repair.

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