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Chain mail gloves several commonly used materials

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 292

Chain mail gloves several commonly used materials:

1. Metal wire -- common stainless steel wire, also has chromium alloy wire, which is mainly used to make anti cutting chain mail globes. This kind of material has the strongest anti cutting function and is easy to clean, but it is heavy and inconvenient to use.

2. Kevlar, spectrum and other component yarns are also better fiber anti cutting materials. Although anti cutting ability is not as good as metal wire, they are light and comfortable to use. After improvement and treatment, some products can reach the highest level of anti cutting product specifications.

3. Butyronitrile (with fabric lining) - it has the function of anti abrasion and anti puncture, and it is flexible and comfortable to use.

4. Natural latex (with fabric lining) - it has excellent elasticity, especially flexibility, and has certain functions of anti abrasion, anti tear">stainless steel ferrule rope mesh?

1. Eradicate the falling objects from top to bottom. Do not eradicate the falling objects from above or from below.

2. To eradicate the surrounding objects, we generally choose artificial eradication. When we encounter larger objects, we choose some small devices to clean them up.

3. Whether it is a dangerous object or not, we need to judge it carefully. When judging a rock as a dangerous rock, we should also pay attention to whether this rock is in contact with other rocks. If this rock affects other rocks, we should try not to clean it up.

4. Clean up the object needs to be handled, do not pile up on the road, when cleaning up, be sure to pay attention to whether there are other non staff and vehicles nearby.


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