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Development trend of Chain mail gloves

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 408

Now, the research on Chain mail gloves is moving towards the policy of fast, multi-functional and control automation to meet the market demand of Chain mail gloves. In order to make Chain mail gloves have excellent flexibility and flexibility, and improve the degree of automation, it is necessary to use microcomputer technology, module technology and unit combination form.

At present, Chain mail gloves are one of the most widely used categories. However, there is a problem: how to select Chain mai.

FZ / T 73040-2010 chainmail gloves.

GB / T 17622-2008 insulating gloves for live working.

GB 24541-2009 hand protection mechanical damage chainmail gloves.

GB 28881-2012 hand protective chemicals and microorganisms.

GB 30865.1-2014 hand protection chainmail gloves for hand knife cuts and stabs Part 1: metal chain armour gloves and arm guards.

GB / T 32103-2015 fabric impregnated latex chainmail gloves.

GB 38452-2019 hand protection against ionizing radiation and radioactive pollutants.

QB / T 5069-2017 polyurethane microfiber synthetic leather for chainmail graves.

T / CTCA 6-2019 labor chainmail globes.

GB / T 18703-2002 measurement and comment on the transmission rate of glove palm oscillation.

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