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How to do chainmail gloves at home?

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 263

How to do chainmail gloves at home?

1. Prepare information

Previously, I left behind the materials to do chainmail gloves. How convenient it is to do chainmail glovsive ability can withstand satisfactory pressure. Rope mesh has the characteristics of solid structure, mesh lubrication, high application strength and wide application scale.

Winter is relatively cold, so the choice of heating system is indispensable. The heating method most people think of may be floor heating, but in fact, rope mesh can also be used for heating. Because of its excellent thermal conductivity and heat insulation can play a good heating effect, so rope mesh is widely used in a variety of indoor heating equipment. The structure of rope mesh is processed by machine, then welded and galvanized. Its precise grid structure has good thermal conductivity, and can adhere to heat for a long time and transfer heat in time. It is a very good heating material.

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