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Should the pre-processing engineer of expanded mesh be summarized and considered?

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 258

The pre-processing engineer of expanded mesh planning needs to summarize and consider from the following aspects:Analyze the intention of accounting (qualitative or quantitative).

The types of analysis and accounting, such as strength analysis, stiffness analysis, durability analysis, NVH analysis, collision analysis, CFD analysis, warm flow analysis, dynamic reference analysis, etc. (the analysis types have different requirements on the quality and shape of expanded mesh).

The time requirement of accounting is analyzed (which expanded mesh method is chosen for the urgency of the required time).

Different solvers have specific expanded mesh methods and requirements for different analysis problems.

Choose the best element type possible (the type of element the solver can choose, and the quality and shape requirements of the expanded mesh will also be determined).

Choose the best expanded mesh type as much as possible (the best expanded mesh type means that quadrilateral expanded mesh is selected as far as possible for faces; hexahedral elements are used as far as possible for solids).

Thus, it can be seen that the high-quality expanded mesh satisfying the requirements of accounting analysis is carefully planned by the pretreatment engineer, rather than "differentiated" casually.

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