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Expanded mesh density guarantees quality

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 242

With the rapid development and popularization of accounting machine skills, the finite element method has expanded rapidly from structural engineering strength analysis to almost all scientific skills, and has become a colorful, widely used and effective numerical analysis method (CAE). With the gradual improvement of the numerical analysis method and the rapid opening of the computing speed of the accounting machine, the time of the whole accounting system for solving the calculation is less and less, but the problem of data preparation and the embodiment of the calculation effect is increasingly prominent. As an important part of establishing finite element model, preprocessing needs to consider many problems and requires a large amount of work. The different expanded mesh methods will have a direct impact on the accounting accuracy and planning. The number of expanded mesh will affect the accuracy of accounting effect and the size of accounting planning. Generally speaking, with the increase of the number of expanded mesh, the accounting accuracy will be improved, but the accounting planning together will also increase. Therefore, two factors should be considered when recognizing the number of expanded mesh.

The basic idea of the finite element method is to discretize the structure, use a finite number of simple analysis elements to show the disordered target. The elements are connected with each other through a finite number of nodes, and then the solution is induced according to the deformation harmony conditions. Therefore, the difference between the expanded mesh of finite element should consider the accurate description of the shape of each object on the one hand, and the accurate description of deformation gradient on the other hand. Therefore, the quality of model simplification is directly related to the density layout of expanded mesh and the quality of expanded mesh, the rich experience of pre-processing engineers and the easy-to-use software. Years of accumulated experience and high degree of intelligent software can help pre-processing engineers quickly and efficiently obtain high-precision expanded mesh model.

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