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Importance analysis of expanded mesh

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 426

In numerical simulation (including FEA, CFD, etc.), the quality of expanded mesh plays an important role in the analysis and calculation. High quality expanded mesh is the guarantee of high-precision analysis effect, while the expanded mesh with poor or poor quality may lead to the end of accounting and meaningless effect. In a sound analysis and accounting process, the pre-processing work related to expanded mesh planning and modification accounts for 70% - 80% of the workload of CAE engineers. CAE engineers often spend a lot of time on expanded Mesh processing, is really used for analysis and accounting time is very small, so the first bottleneck is how to quickly prepare high-quality expanded mesh to meet the requirements of analysis and accounting. It takes a lot of time and energy to prepare a high-quality analysis model, and the technicians who finish the work should have the appropriate technical experience and setting to finish the high-quality expanded mesh. Specifically, it requires the pre-processing engineer to "plan" the appropriate expanded mesh that can meet the CAE Engineer's analysis requirements according to the analysis requirements proposed by the CAE Engineer, and then submit it to the CAE Engineer for analysis and accounting. The reason why expanded mesh is "planning" rather than expanded mesh difference shows that it is not a simple job to plan high-quality expanded mesh that can meet the requirements of analysis and accounting. To finish this work, many aspects of knowledge and technical requirements are required.

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