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Expanded mesh is an emerging skill

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 254

Expanded mesh is an emerging skill, which is on the verge of continuous development and change. There are a lot of researches on grid in academic and commercial circles, and the contents and appellations of them are different, so there is no accurate definition and content orientation of grid. For example, foreign media often use "next generation Internet", "Internet 2", "next generation web" to refer to grid related skills. However, "next generation Internet" and "Internet2" are the names of two detailed scientific research projects in the United States. They are interspersed with the grid research policy, and the contents and main points of the discussions are quite different. There are also many appellations used by enterprises, such as content distribution, service distribution, electronic service, real-time enterprise accounting, distributed accounting, web services, etc. Academician Li Guojie, director of the Accounting Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that grid is actually the third wave after the traditional Internet and web, which can be called the third generation Internet use.

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