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Foe of sword with the sword

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 149

Foe of sword with the sword.

Sword technique is the method of using sword. It is an important part of Chinese Kung Fu. It has a high position in Chinese traditional Kung Fu. Jin Yong has made excellent description in his novels.

Swordsmanship is a method of using swords to attack and defend combat. It is the basic action of swordsmanship and the soul of sword skills. In terms, sword technique is also called "sword point". As long as we grasp the "sword point", we can have "law" and "principle" to follow in the movement of fencing.

Swordsmanship plays an important role in Chinese Kung Fu movement. For thousands of years, it has been called "the king of hundred soldiers". Therefore, it is necessary to study the standard of sword technique with scientific methods, so as to transform and expand the habit of Kung Fu into modern sports, as well as to communicate, promote and popularize it to the outside world.

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