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How to make Chainmail armor bearing?

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 300

How to make Chainmail armor bearing? 

First of all, let's prepare to make things and armour rings. We can prepare a pair of vice and a pair of pointed nose pliers for things, and vice can be used for friends with small strength. 

The ring can be made by itself, and stainless steel spring pad is recommended to save time. Recommend national standard M6 or M8 stainless steel spring pad, spring pad in Taobao or nearby hardware store can be purchased.

First of all, let's break the prepared spring pads into four, open one, close them, repeat the above process, make iron chains, repeat the above process, make two iron chains, turn over a spring pad, put the two iron rings together, repeat the above process again, and make large pieces of armor lock cloth!

Find a piece of clothing that fits your body as a template, and then splice the finished lock armor cloth into the following shape: then swallow it according to the opening, and a lock armor will be ready!

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