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How to wash ball chain curtain?

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 360

How to wash ball chain curtain?

1. In the face of the huge ball chain curtain, how should I wash it if I don't use a washing machine? Daily cleaning can use vacuum cleaner, hanging ironing machine, etc. Of course, if it's too dirty, you can't avoid washing.

2. When washing, you can first soak it in detergent (be careful, you must use neutral detergent if you can't enter the ball chain curtain of the washing machine), and then take it out to rub some dirty places.

3. In other places, you can put it on the ground with your feet, or you can buy a washing stick and hit the ball chain curtain. Compared with the ball chain curtain, it's too big. It's too tiring to rub it with your hands.

4. The window lintel and valance (especially with lace) shall be soaked with clear water, and then washed with warm water containing soda, and then washed twice with warm washing powder water or soapy water. When washing to quietly knead, and finally rinse with water. When drying, it should be placed on a clean table to dry, perhaps on a frame. When airing, the wash should be arranged, positioned with a pushpin, and finally ironed with an iron.

5. A soft bristle brush can be used to clean the pull rope of ball chain curtain. Assuming that the ball chain curtain is dirty, you can dip the dishcloth with some detergent dissolved in warm water, or wipe it with a small amount of ammonia solution. Some parts are bonded with glue, pay attention to these directions do not water, some of the more high-grade products curtain can be waterproof, do not need to pay special attention to water.

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