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Using the metropolitan area network in architectural ring mesh

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 252

Architectural ring mesh architecture is the first choice for transport network in man. For example, in the aspect of simplified topology, ring topology, and flexible network, the network has the advantages of simplified topology, flexible network, and so on. However, it is necessary to supply the data channel with fast defect recovery ability, and the most important one is the maintenance switching ability of less than 50ms.

When networking, most of the carrier level architectural ring mesh skills support ring networking, with different skills. The number of nodes in the ring is related to the equipment function, traffic flow and transmission interval, and there is no restriction in theory. Most of the existing architectural ring mesh skill solutions are based on itu-tg.8032 specification and expanded from RPR skills or ERP skills, such as MSR, zesr, e-spring, etc. the main difference lies in different defect detection and active selection of congestion points, which can be used for defect detection time and network bandwidth utilization. With the continuous aging and improvement of T-MPLS skills and the extensive configuration of T-MPLS network, the TM spring skills for T-MPLS will be gradually selected by operators to meet the reliability and processability requirements of Telecom grade architectural ring mesh.

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