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Choose Chainmail Curtain according to color

Date : 2021-02-10 Hot : 249

Choose a color similar to the wall, or with the home decoration style harmonious color, can make the space to maintain a unified color, so that the overall look more harmonious and concise.


White Chainmail Curtain is the perfect choice, elegant, generous, quiet. The breeze will give people a feeling full of Fairy Spirit. And the transparency of the white Chainmail Curtain is very good, it seems that you can smell the sunshine through the window, bringing us infinite reverie.


Grey is a popular color now. It has fashion and temperament, and has strong concealment effect. If used well, it can create a dense home atmosphere, showing a low luxury.

Stripes or bright colors

Stripe or bright Chainmail Curtain is used to highlight the overall effect, enrich the level and decoration of Chainmail Curtain, and present a very dynamic space. But when blending, do need certain color skills. Once the application is not good, the effect will be promoted.

Generally speaking, try to be in harmony with the overall style of the family environment, or echo with the sofa, pillow, carpet or other decorations, and deploy under the principle of seeking common ground while reserving differences, which will not make mistakes.

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